Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane Dump Truck

 Hydraulic cylinder for crane series  Cylinder NameModelPressureCylinder diameter(mm)Rod diameter(mm)Stroke(mm)12T Front horizontal cylinder50/35-1700205035170012T Horizontal back lever50/35-1400205035140012T Streight telescopic boom cylinder 18

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 Hydraulic cylinder for crane series 

Cylinder NameModelPressureCylinder 
Rod diameter
12T Front horizontal cylinder50/35-17002050351700
12T Horizontal back lever50/35-14002050351400
12T Streight telescopic boom cylinder 180/63-29402580632940
12T Streight aim telescopic cylinder 280/55-28202580552820
8T Folding boom vertical cylinder100/75-5203010075520
8TFolding boom luffing cylinder170/110-61030170110610
8T Folding boom luffing cylinder 2170/110-67730170110677
8T Folding boom telescopic cylinder85/60-17703085601770
8T Folding boom horizontal cylinder50/30-16502550301650
12T rear verticle cylinder100/75-4542510075454
12T Front lever cylinder100/75-6102510075610
12T Streight arm luffing cylinder  160/110-69225160110692
20T Rear horizontal cylinder50/35-17002550351700
12T Streight telescopic boom cylinder80/55-28202580552820
12T Streight telescopic boom cylinder80/63-29402580632940
20T Rear horizontal cylinder100/70-4492610070449
12T Left front streight cylinder110/90-6202511090620
12T Front horizontal cylinder50/35-1700 50351700
20T Right front horizontal cylinder115/95-4902611595490
5T Streight arm luffing cylinder150/110-60826150110608
5T Streight arm horizontal cylinder50/30-14102050301410
5T Streight arm landing leg cylinder80/63-590258063590
5T Streight arm telescopic cylinder80/60-24002180602400
3.2T Luffing cylinder125/70-5372012570537
3.2T Landing let cylinder80/63-550258063550
3.2T Telescopic combined cylinders55/45-2100 55452100
6.3T Streight arm luffing cylinder160/125-61026160125610
6.3T Streight arm telescopic cylinder90/70-23502190702350
Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane Dump Truck
Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane Dump Truck
Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane Dump Truck
Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane Dump Truck


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