Heavy-Duty Deep Hole Boring Machine for Hydraulic Cylinder

Heavy Duty Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine for Hydraulic CylinderDB-800      DB-800A Machine Summary:*DB-800A machine is mainly for processing of heavy duty cylindrical parts, such as drilling, boring,  expanding, roller burnishing and trepanning, etc.*The workpiece is kept slowly rotating, the too

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Heavy Duty Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine for Hydraulic Cylinder
DB-800      DB-800A
Machine Summary:
*DB-800A machine is mainly for processing of heavy duty cylindrical parts, such as drilling, boring,  expanding, roller burnishing and trepanning, etc.
*The workpiece is kept slowly rotating, the tool is rapidly rotary while feeding. Besides machining through-  hole, it can also process step hole and blind hole.
*This machine is used in a wide range, the process type can be chosen based on the actual demand.
Performance and Features:
*When drilling, the machine adopts BTA internal chip removal type, the oil feeder supplies the cutting      liquid to remove the chips out of the end of drill bar. When push-boring, the cutting liquid reaches cutting  area through small hole of oil feeder or big hole at the end of boring bar.
*The chip is flushed out of headstock end. When trepanning, the special tool, tool bar and clamping  device should be equipped, the chip is discharged by the external removal type.
*This machine is assembled with drill box, which achieves double rotation of workpiece and tool, the  single action is also available based on the actual demand. When the workpiece needs a lower rotary  speed, the process efficiency and quality can be assured.
*The headstock adopts heavy duty four-jaw chuck to lock the workpiece, the steady rest is for supporting  and the oil feeder is for clamping by hydraulic pressure. The oil feeder adopts the principal axis structure  which improves the load-capacity and rotation accuracy. The bed body has an excellent rigidity, good  wear-resistance and high precision retaining ability. The tool feeding adopts AC servo motor to realize  stepless speed regulation. The headstock uses DC motor with stepless speed regulation. The drill box  is driven by large power motor, with speed regulating by gear shift.
*The hydraulic system has an accurate control when clamping and fixing the workpiece, which has a high  stability and precision. All the operation parameters are shown by meter display, the workpiece clamping  and the operation is very safe, rapid and stable. The machine adopts PLC control with human-machine  interface, it is easy to be operated.
*DB-800 is equipped with workhead box, but isn't equipped with boring box or drilling box; DB-800A add to  boring box or drilling box on the basis of the DB-800, so higher efficiency machining  deep hole for  cylindrical workpieces.
*The similar machine consists of bed body, headstock, drilling and boring box (optional), chuck body,  feed carriage, oil feeder, cooling system, chip removal device, steady rest, hydraulic system, boring bar  support, motor and electrical system, etc.
Technical Parameters

Technical specification
Drilling diameter rangemm/Φ60-Φ150
Boring diameter rangemm800800
Boring depth rangemm1000-150001000-15000
Workpiece clamping dia. rangemm320-1250320-1250
Spindle center heightmm10001000
Rotation speed range of headstock spindler/min3-1203-120
Spindle front taper hole dia. Φ130Φ130
Spindle taper Metric 140#Metric 140#
Drill box motor powerkw/30
Drill box spindle holemm/130
Drill box front taper holemm/Φ85 1:20
Drill box speed ranger/min/16-270
Feed speed range (stepless)mm/min5-20005-2000
Feed carriage rapid speedm/min22
Feed motor powerkw1111
Feed carriage rapid motor powerNm3636
Hydraulic pump motor powerkw1.51.5
Hydraulic system rated pressureMPa6.36.3
Cooling pump motor powerkw7.5 (2groups); 5.5(1 group)7.5 (2groups); 5.5(1 group)
Cooling system rated pressureMPa2.52.5
Cooling system flowL/min300, 600, 900300, 600, 900
Packaging & Shipping:
*Firstly packed by waterproof cloth and then in wooden case.
*Few parts may need to be taken down and be packed in wooden case.
*According to customer's different require, wo can adopt different packaging.
*About some heavy-duty and super large machine tools, we can need disconnect the machine, then  separate packing.
*Whether CNC deep hole honing machine or CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine or CNC deep  hole skiving roller burnishing machine, we all use the same standard Packagings.

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