Columbus Hydraulics strengthens board of directors by appointing Wright and Albright

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Columbus Hydraulics LLC ("Columbus" or "Company"), a leading American manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, announced a change in its board of directors. From April 14, 2021, Joe Wright and Jeff Albright will join the company's board of directors as independent directors, and the company's current CEO and board member Michael Winn will be promoted to chairman. The changes to the company’s board of directors will help strengthen the company’s continued commitment to become the industry’s leading supplier of customized hydraulic cylinders.

Mr. Wright is the CEO of Excel Industries, a leading manufacturer of high-quality commercial and residential lawn equipment, with a network of more than 1,200 independent dealers and 25 distributors worldwide. Prior to joining Excel, Mr. Wright worked for Briggs & Stratton for more than 20 years, serving as the President of the Engine Group from 2006 to 2015. As President, he is responsible for the profit and loss of the US$1.2 billion global engine business, including new product design and manufacturing, and sales in North America, China and India. Prior to joining Briggs, Mr. Wright gained valuable operational and manufacturing experience while holding senior leadership positions in various companies.

Mr. Albright, President of YANMAR America, the regional headquarters of YANMAR Co., Ltd., is a global company headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Yanmar is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of advanced performance diesel engines, diesel power equipment, and energy systems based on gas engines. Before joining Yanmar, Mr. Albright worked for ESP International for nine years, six of which served as president. Prior to his position at ESP, Mr. Albright held various executive and senior leadership positions at Dunham-Bush and Briggs & Stratton.

Chairman and CEO Michael Winn said: "2021 is an important turning point for Columbus Hydraulics. June will be the first anniversary of our establishment in the new factory. Our Cheetah Hydraulics online only configurable hydraulic cylinder product line will be launched next month. We are expanding with existing customers, entering new markets, and designing new products at an unprecedented speed. Our investors and I are excited about the combination of Jeff and Joe’s business knowledge and operational knowledge, which will definitely help to consolidate this A momentum." Wenn continued. "Joe's operational pedigree, honed by many years of executive leadership in a number of leading manufacturing organizations, will provide the Columbus board of directors with the diverse perspectives needed to thrive in the ever-changing American manufacturing world, and Jeff's commercialization capabilities And insight as a mature history as we continue to build the company’s solution-oriented customer service, the sales executives of multiple blue chip manufacturing organizations provide an important dimension to the board of directors."

Mr. Wright commented: “I’m really happy to be working with Mike and the Columbus Hydraulics management team. Columbus Hydraulics is a great company with amazing people and products. It’s a company that is so committed to their success. It’s a great member. Customer.” Mr. Albright added: “I agree with Joe’s excitement when he joined the Columbus Hydraulics Board of Directors. After coming out of the sealing industry, I know their reputation for high quality and precision engineering products. In addition, Mike has also formed a high-quality management team, they have "helped him to develop a strong growth plan, which will enable them to improve their ability to provide customers with a high level of service. These two factors make it easy for me to accept the proposal to join the board of directors. "

Founded in 1952, Columbus Hydraulics is a designer and manufacturer of custom engineered hydraulic cylinders, mainly used in various end markets in mobile device applications, such as construction, agriculture, lawn and lawn care, transportation and railway maintenance.

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