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2021-11-25 10:28:04 By : Ms. Rita You

The pneumatic grouting pump is designed for pressure and filling grouting of cement and bentonite slurry. It is mainly used for injecting (grouting) bolts and drilling holes to reinforce loose rock masses. The maximum grain size cannot exceed 0.2mm.

The grouting pump is easy to operate and maintain, safe and reliable. The pump is reliable, explosion-proof, and suitable for mines operating under difficult conditions.

The basic pneumatic grouting pump includes: air inlet, cylinder, mounting base and bracket, pressure gauge, pump cylinder, outlet with quick release connector and wheels.

Working principle The air pressure in the cylinder applies high pressure to the grouting mixture, thereby jetting the grouting at high pressure and speed. The valve of the cylinder in the pump automatically activates the cylinder. Then the pneumatic cylinder moves the plunger up and down to complete the pumping cycle.

Using engine-driven compressors, pneumatic grout pumps can be driven even if there is no electricity supply in remote areas.

Application The pump is mainly used in construction and mining industry, used to inject materials into large and medium-sized gaps in beams, columns, basement walls and floors, and fill concrete walls in elevator shafts. In the mining industry, it is used to fill the cement solution where there is a gap between the structure and the rock and used for soil stabilization.

The detachable design is often easy to maintain and transport. Challenging work is like grouting in a bridge.

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The pump is widely used in underground projects such as tunnels, coal mines, bridges and dams, building foundations, and harsh environments such as flammable and explosive places.

It is also used in the chemical industry to pump out chemical slurry applications. The pump does not require electricity, so it can be used in any field conditions, whether it is rural or urban.

Pneumatic grouting pump for mine has a large adjustment range of mud discharge. Generally, the final grouting amount is 8 to 10 times that of the beginning. And the final grouting amount proves that the packing has been compacted.

Simply put; the pneumatic high-pressure grouting pump is designed for high-pressure grouting. And adopts full hydraulic drive, pressure and flow can be adjusted according to grouting requirements, (grouting pump flow 0-100L/min, discharge pressure 0-10MPa) In addition, this pneumatic high-pressure grouting pump can be used for single-fluid or dual-fluid grouting.

High-pressure grouting pumps are mainly used for ground/underground construction such as roads, railways, hydropower, construction, and mines.

Advantages Pneumatic grouting pump for mining has the advantages of low energy consumption, low vibration, low noise, small size, high efficiency, reliable performance, controllable pressure and flow, and long life. Common mine grouting pumps include pneumatic grouting pumps, dual-fluid grouting pumps, extrusion grouting pumps and plunger grouting pumps.

The pneumatic grouting pump is light in weight and is designed with wheels for easy carrying. Its design is easy to operate and low maintenance. Last but not least, its spare parts are easily available.

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